A Combination Of Corporate Resources That Insures Collections' Success
At Richard J. Boudreau & Associates, we consider the following to be the cornerstones of our continued success in the debt collection industry:

A continuing investment and commitment to people and processes ensures our continued growth – it’s yet another characteristic that effectively separates us from our competitors.

Our Exceptional Staff

RJBA employs a staff of well-trained and highly-skilled lawyers and collectors. We believe that each employee’s understanding of, and commitment to, his/her job is an essential component of our collective success as a company. Frequent training and retraining of our personnel is performed so that each employee is familiar with the nuances of their job, changes that occur in the industry, and remains knowledgeable about the regulations required to successfully complete collection processes. At each level of management we’ve created a supportive team environment that encourages professional development and we strongly believe that compensation should be commensurate with performance. Higher base salaries coupled with incentive plans which pay based upon performance is how our top performers remain amongst some of the highest paid in the industry and continue to be favorably motivated. As a result, we attract and retain the best and the brightest employees. RJBA’s collection staff averages seven years of proven industry experience – this is a stark contrast to the turnover that other collection law firms and agencies persistently struggle with.

Our Advanced Technology

RJBA utilizes its state of the art network infrastructure to sustain redundancy and maximize resilience to guarantee data security for all company, client, and consumer data. Our employees are fully trained to use Columbia Ultimate’s collection software; a customizable cutting-edge system which has generated high recovery rates, eliminates collection inefficiencies, and maximizes results by accelerating the collection process. RJBA uses industry leading skip tracing, research, and credit reporting entities to supply data which is then integrated into the computerized collection system’s database to generate more contacts, sustain accurate data recordkeeping, and output reports as needed to fulfill client relations expectations. RJBA’s telephone system is a Sphericall VoIP, as is used and certified by the U.S. Department of Defense, and enables us to track and record call activities and output reports that help managers monitor and ultimately ensure collector productivity each work day.

We stand ready to apply our resources, people, and expertise to your debt portfolio.

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